Our Approach

A Simpler Approach To Successful Lean Transformation

Our Approach

At Simpler,® we have developed a powerful, simple, systematic approach to Lean transformation. A path as much as a process, the approach is called the Simpler Business System® (SBS)

SBS is built on these basic principles that ensure our clients' success:

  • Taking the long view. Goals aren't designed as narrow, short-term fixes; they're developed as vital, guiding, long-term solutions.
  • Knowledge transfer. We do more than help you improve your processes. We train you and your staff, ensuring Lean knowledge and skills are understood and transferred throughout the organization.
  • Leadership/staff engagement. True improvement only happens when it's embraced at all levels. We work with your entire team to gain buy-in.
  • Sustaining success. We give you the tools to maintain the Lean improvements you've achieved.

With SBS, Lean is more than eliminating waste. Done right, Lean changes organizations, delivering real results that spur even more transformations. Using our proprietary Simpler Business System (SBS), we have a long, proud track record of improving performance in the commercial, public, and healthcare sectors.

SBS delivers fast results and lasting improvement. Our clients are often surprised by how quickly they start seeing results when we work with them — usually in just a few weeks. This early success creates an appetite for more change, setting the stage for even greater improvements.

The SBS Model for Enterprise Excellence: The Transformation Continuum

When you work with Simpler, transformation doesn't end when we walk out the door. Once you've worked with us, you and your entire organization will find ways to continue to make game-changing improvements in new ways across your operations — something we call the Transformation Continuum.®

Few Lean consultants are willing to take on enterprise-wide transformations. We are. We can start where you are and take you as far as you want to go:

  • Go wider. Take your successes into additional areas of your organization.
  • Go deeper. Often, Lean transformations change organizations in ways that allow for additional improvements with a further refinement of the process.
  • Go beyond. For many clients, improvements are so dramatic that they choose to go enterprise-wide, transforming their entire organization.

Why Simpler?

  • We are trusted partners for the CEO and leadership team
  • We turn strategy into action using a proven system and experienced people
  • We increase enterprise value and achieve 10:1 return on investment
  • We engage, develop, and motivate your people
  • We enable business growth by increasing customer and employee satisfaction

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