About Us

About Us

Simpler Consulting, an IBM Company, is a leading management consulting firm that helps organizations around the globe to improve performance through lean transformations. Since 1996, Simpler has worked closely with clients to foster an organizational culture that continuously seeks out opportunities to make improvements, and help to stimulate business-impacting results. With its proprietary Simpler Business System®, Simpler has helped clients to implement lean transformations across a wide range of industries. Simpler® Consulting was acquired by Truven Health Analytics, an IBM company, in 2014. Truven Health Analytics™ was acquired by IBM in 2016 to help form a new business, Watson Health.

Our Team

At Simpler,® we have developed a powerful, simple, systematic approach to Lean transformation. It is a path as much as a process, and it's called the Simpler Business System.® To guide organizations along this path , we have assembled an experienced team of professionals we call sensei (SEN-say).

A sensei is a teacher and coach. Rather than merely studying your situation and delivering recommendations, our sensei work with your senior leaders, coaching and mentoring them, helping them to affect change as part of your organization's Lean transformation.

Our sensei don't just tell you what to do; they transfer their learning to your employees. In short, we give them the confidence necessary to continue to transform your organization and sustain change long after our assignment is complete.

Not everyone can be a Simpler sensei . You won't find untried MBAs in our ranks. Our sensei have all traveled the path before. They are your peers — former CEOs, COOs, and high-level managers — who know what works and what doesn't from actually doing it, not reading about it in a textbook.

Perhaps most importantly, our sensei are pragmatists. They understand that their success — and yours — is measured by results.

Simpler Leadership

The Simpler® leadership team is made up of former CEOs and senior business managers. They have held operations management roles with Profit & Loss responsibility during Lean transformations at companies like HON, Toyota, Danaher, The Wiremold Company, Hillenbrand Industries, Freudenberg NOK, Pratt-Whitney, and Allied Signal.

And they bring that high level of knowledge to every Simpler client's Lean transformation.

Marc Hafer, President, Simpler Consulting, LLC
Marc Hafer
President, Simpler Consulting, LLC
Mike Chamberlain, President, Simpler North America
Mike Chamberlain
President, Simpler North America
Tom Goetter, Senior Vice President
Tom Goetter
Senior Vice President
Keith Sieverding, Senior Vice President, Operations
Keith Sieverding
Senior Vice President, Operations
Jon Armstrong, Executive Vice President
Jon Armstrong
Executive Vice President
Chris Lloyd, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Lloyd
Chief Financial Officer
Sharon Baker, Vice President, Human Resources
Sharon Baker
Vice President, Human Resources

Industries/Sectors We Serve

Simpler® delivers Lean transformation results to a wide range of industries and organizations across a number of sectors.

Healthcare Sector

Simpler is the world leader in guiding Lean transformation in the healthcare sector. From major teaching hospitals to small medical groups, we help our clients improve quality and processes of care, achieve greater efficiencies and productivity, and boost staff morale. Our work in healthcare is also strategically aligned with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement's Triple Aim initiative — focusing on the improvement of the patient experience and the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of care.

In addition, Simpler Healthcare SM works with healthcare provider networks and pharmaceutical and medical products companies.

For a more in-depth look at our healthcare expertise, click here.

Public Sector

Government agencies today are looking for the same kinds of efficiencies and cost-savings that commercial businesses have sought for decades. And Simpler is helping them get there.

In the area of defense, we work with all branches of the U.S. military and in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force

We also work with the aerospace industry and major utilities.

To find out more about our work in the public sector, click here.

Commercial Sector

Lean transformation is probably the best known for its benefits to the manufacturing industry, and Simpler has had outstanding success with manufacturing clients. And our military aviation experience has translated seamlessly into serving commercial aviation, too. But we've also brought the Lean process to consumer packaged goods companies, financial services organizations, private equity firms, and retail clients.

To learn more about how we've helped the commercial sector, click here.

Our History

Simpler® was founded in 1996 to fundamentally change the way Lean enterprise transformation happens — to make it simpler — with the Simpler Business System.®

Since then, Simpler has become the largest, exclusively Lean transformation, coaching organization in the world, with over 140 sensei, or coaches, and hundreds of clients in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. Just as important, Simpler has built a reputation for strategically applying the Lean process to achieve breakthrough performance.

The Simpler roots are in the commercial manufacturing sector, but we've also made a name for ourselves in non-traditional and non-manufacturing industries, including insurance, banking, private equity, and construction. In 1999, Simpler even developed a model for Lean transformation for the U.S. military.

With the creation of Simpler Healthcare SM in 2003, we pioneered the utilization of Lean in the healthcare environment. Simpler quickly became known for delivering the fastest, most enduring Lean transformations for healthcare provider networks around the world.

Simpler® Consulting was acquired by Truven Health Analytics, an IBM company, in 2014. Truven Health Analytics™ was acquired by IBM in 2016 to help form a new business, Watson Health.

Global Reach and Capabilities

With a global client base, you'll find our sensei in key locations all over the world. That means when your organization needs help in Lean transformation, we can get to you quickly and will be immediately up-to-speed on your culture — because we're a part of it. After all, transforming the culture of an organization is a big enough challenge without wrestling with cultural differences at the same time.

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