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Our History

Simpler® was founded to fundamentally change the way Lean Enterprise Transformation happened—to make it simpler— with the Simpler Business System®. Simpler has become the largest exclusively Lean Transformation coaching organization in the world, with over 140 sensei and hundreds of clients in the United States, Europe and Asia. Just as important, Simpler has built a reputation for strategically applying Lean to achieve breakthrough performance.

Simpler's roots are in the commercial manufacturing sector, but we've also made a name for ourselves in non-traditional and non-manufacturing industries, including insurance, banking, private equity and construction. In 1999, Simpler developed a model for Lean in the Military. Today our sensei are at work in all branches of the United States military and in the United Kingdom's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

With the creation of Simpler HealthcareSM in 2003, we pioneered the utilization of Lean in the healthcare environment. Simpler Healthcare Sensei quickly became known for delivering the fastest, most enduring Lean Transformations for healthcare provider networks around the world, and today we are the world leader in Lean Transformation for the healthcare industry. Close to 50% of our clients are within the healthcare sector.


"I am well aware that we could not have achieved any of this without your leadership and support. Your ability to put complex concepts across in a simple and understandable way was greatly appreciated by everyone."

David Fillingham, Chairman/Chief Executive, Royal Bolton Hospital