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Global Reach

With a global client base, we need to be just as global in our reach. You'll find our sensei in key locations all over the world. So when your organization needs help in Lean Transformation, we can get to you quickly. More important, we get you. Our sensei understand the culture in each location because they're part of it. The way we see it, transforming the culture of an organization is a big enough challenge without wrestling with cultural differences at the same time.

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United States

Military client achieves over $93M in cost savings and avoidance since 2002 through Lean by reducing and improving repair cycle time and increasing output.

Simpler is leading the North Carolina Rural Hospital Lean Collaborative, North Carolina Rural Hospital Lean Collaborative, which consists of 11 rural hospitals in North Carolina that forged a collaborative partnership to improve patient care and hospital performance by implementing a lean management culture. The collaborative is transforming and leading the way in improving the quality of healthcare for patients in a more efficient, less costly manner. Combined, the hospitals have saved more than $10 million since implementing lean management in 2008.

Used the 2P (Process Preparation) process to guide the creation of a 75,000 square foot clinic comprised of exam rooms, physician offices, outpatient surgery and retail space. The solution was a design focused on a transformed care delivery process better serving the patient’s needs, time and cost of project reduced, and seeing patients ahead of schedule brings in additional revenue. The project was extremely successful on many levels. Highlights include: The $18M project finished $45,000 under budget, while at the same time included owner-added scope worth $840,000, the project was completed three and a half months ahead of benchmark for similar projects, and the client was able to generate 70 additional days of clinic revenue due to the shortened schedule.

Hospital group becomes industry leader by using Lean to reduce patient length of stay by up to 43%, improve turnaround time for tests by 37% and improve staff satisfaction due to enhanced empowerment and workflows.

Simpler Consulting India and the Quality Council of India partnering to improve healthcare.

Improving Length of Stay: In the first twelve months, there were 6,600 bed days saved while achieving best in class day case rates with a return on investment of 14:1.

Improving Blood Service: A 76% improvement in processing efficiency was achieved in the first week. In addition, blood leaks were eliminated and the turnaround time on orders was halved.

Pharmacy Improvement: Waiting times at out-patient pharmacy reduces by 67%. Medical stories inventory reduced by 50% (equalling 10m Rs). Turnaround time for in-patient indents reduced from 90 minutes to 33 minutes. Over 10,000 SKU’s reduced to less than 2,000 SKU’s. And the Chief Executive plans to increase to 450 Rs/Indent, totaling additional 10m Rs revenue.


Commercial manufacturing client continues to reap great results from its Lean transformation journey, including significant lead time reductions across its supply chain, a shortened quality approval process by 90 percent from 10 days to one day, and turning out twice the volume without an increase of staff or machinery.

Manufacturing client improves the competitiveness of its offering to customers through Lean. Also sees double-digit improvement in cash flow by reducing excess stock, a 17% reduction in volume of scrap created during manufacturing process and a yearly savings of over €133,000 in transport costs.
United Kingdom
Hospital Trust establishes a Lean coaching and training program which, to date, has been delivered to over 2/3 of employees from the frontline to boardroom. This proves invaluable to the ongoing, breakthrough success of their Lean Transformation, fulfilling the goal of using Lean to delivering a better standard of care to all patients.