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Delivering healthy results

The same Lean principles that transformed manufacturing are now having a real impact in healthcare organizations. Simpler HealthcareSM is the world leader in Lean Transformation in healthcare. We provide the industry with practical ways to streamline processes and decrease waste. Using both clinical and non-clinical applications of Lean principles and the Simpler Business System®, we're delivering significant, measurable results for our healthcare clients:

  • Reduced mortality rate from as much as 6% down to 0.8%
  • Cut AMI door to balloon time by half, from 90 minutes down to less than 45 minutes
  • Increased revenue by more than $1 million through improved scheduling
  • Reduced costs, improved morale and service, increased throughput
  • Improved patient safety and experience by improving on-time performance

We can do the same for your healthcare organization. These results tell just part of the story.

Take a look at our Amazing Case Studies. Then contact us to see what we can do for you.

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Europe and Asia Pacific
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Simpler were involved from the earliest days in applying lean at the Royal Bolton Hospital. Their experience not only in using lean techniques, but in leading whole organizational transformation, was invaluable. With Simpler’s support the hospital was able to build BICS (the Bolton Improving Care System) which has brought about reduced mortality and improved patient experience, high levels of productivity and greater staff satisfaction.

David Fillingham, CEO, AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance)